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The "Spec to Exec" Selection Process

The way the recruitment market tends to work is that as soon as an agency has identified enough relevant candidates to give them a good chance of filling a vacancy they will move on to something else and hope for the best.
We want our clients to have confidence in the fact we, as their chosen agency, have done everything we can to identify the best possible candidates for their firm, in an agreed timeframe and price, and then selected only the best few to be submitted.
It doesn't stop there. The candidates must be briefed and managed effectively through the process and the client given every bit of information they need to make the right choice.
We commit to the following:

Knowledge is power – Take as full a brief on the role and company as the client can provide.

Plan to succeed – Work with the client to define the timelines and level of search that would best suit their requirements. Full process plan provided to client.

No stone unturned – Measured and coordinated approach that is reported to clients on an ongoing basis including:

The Gulf Recruitment Group Database search.

Direct approaches made to target candidates using continuously updated staff mapping system, referrals and confidential reports supplied by candidates.

Targeted print advertising aimed at key demographics (optional and client paid)

Know your people – all candidates effectively screened, history scrutinised, references sought and a final shortlist provided with detailed selection notes and video profiling where possible, all within the timeline agreed with the client.

Bringing people together – interviews organised, candidates provided with everything they need, and full feedback given.

Client Testimonials


"I continue to be highly impressed by the service that The Gulf Recruitment provides. They have fulfilled our very complex recruitment needs which has enabled our business to grow..."
Nicola - Assistant Human Capital Manager - Gulf Capital
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"They really get to know you, your capabilities, ambitions, and inspirations, and find the right opportunity for you..."
Ehab El TAyeb -
Country Business Manager
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