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Why you would want to work for The Gulf Recruitment Group?

The Gulf Recruitment Group is an established and ambitious mid to senior level recruitment firm backed by equally ambitious investors and with the determined ambition to be the most respected agency. We are backed by investors with deep pockets, and we will offer superb growth opportunities for the best consultants in the region to accelerate their careers.

Recruitment Professionals

We really need to attract the best to achieve our goals, and we can offer the best career options and packages in town. So if the below sounds like you we would love to hear from you:
Know your stuff
We pride ourselves on our ability not to just shift CVs around, but to add genuine value to candidate and client alike with the depth of our expertise in our chosen fields. We want to hear from recruiters in the financial, marketing, HR or sales fields, who have a genuine level of interest in their specialist fields and perhaps want to learn even more.
Professional Pride
We are a well humoured, but dedicated and professional bunch who are not just here to do a day job, but to do be the best we possibly can. The company provides the infrastructure, technology and training, but consultants need to provide a level of pride in their work, a certainty that whatever they produce, it is done better than anyone else can do it... anywhere.
Walk with Kings
We work on senior to mid level assignments, from CEOs to Managers, and individuals must have the confidence, intelligence and gravitas to gain the trust and confidence of some pretty inspiring people. You will need to have operated at a senior level, and be able to both support, and confidently analyse senior level and convincing individuals.
Don't commit just yet, but if this sounds like you then get in touch with
Mark Timms. He who dares wins.

Senior Advisory Board Members

We think we are pretty good, but there is no substitute for experience. We are fortunate enough to be able to call on the experience of industry leaders to guide us on assignments and promote us like no one else can do.
We seek industry leaders with distinguished careers in our specialist fields to meet with clients, advise us on how to structure search assignments, provide additional interview input and promote our services to their networks. We compensate well on a success basis, and you can do as much or as little as you want. If this sounds like fun we would be eager to hear from individuals with the following:
Gulfies Through and Through
We want individuals who know and understand the business cultures, the industries and the intricacies of operating in the Gulf Region. If you are a GCC national, or have operated at a senior level in the Gulf for over 4 years, and are as passionate as we are about the current and the future of this dynamic region then we would like to hear from you.
Captains of Industry
Every time we meet a client we want to give them a sense of excellence, and our senior advisory board tells clients that we are not only serious, but seriously capable. We need them to understand that have had the finest minds in the business focussing on their work. As such we need the wow factor; we need MDs and CEOs of reputed companies that can point to some glossy achievements in their past.
Better Connected than Lego Land
You've probably done business with dozens of people who know you and trust your opinion. Those people could probably benefit from our services, but we know that in a region where business is based on trust, they would much rather hear that from you than from us directly. Time to cash in on that stuffed business card drawer of yours.
If you would like to know more, or simply to sound out some ideas, please contact Toby Simpson.
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"The Gulf Recruitment Group really stands out as being one of the best recruitment agencies that I have worked with in the Region..."
Ailsa Tipping – Regional Human Resources Manager
Sika Services Middle East
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"The Gulf Recruitment Group provided me with accurate and timely feedback at every stage of the placement process..."
Kiran Parvez - A successful GRG placement with GlaxoSmithKline
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