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Accountancy + Corporate Finance + Investment Professionals + Risk Management

You've worked incredibly hard to build up the level of financial skills you have attained, but have you tried communicating them to ordinary folk? Let's be honest, we end up simplifying our language. The only people who can truly appreciate our "fair value" are other financial people.So what happens when you are considering a career move? How can someone really help you at all when they put you in a neat silo like "accountant" or "banker", and will stare blankly at you if you add any depth to their prognosis?

Intangible Assets

The ugly truth is that many agencies just don't have any depth of understanding of what you do; they simply look for key words on a CV their client has asked for and give you a call. What happens if those words aren't there? Well they simply find someone else who has them.We really do understand your skills. We take pride in our technical knowledge and the breadth and experience in our financial team. This helps us to identify your underlying skills, which in turn helps us to provide all the right options for you.

Marked to Market Applications

Our knowledge and experience of both financial matters and the region mean that we know when a role is right for you. We have the ability to really understand a client's needs, and what they are trying to achieve with their new recruit. We also understand the Gulf, and comprehend those important aspects that aren't always spoken.Because we understand the spec just under half the candidates we submit across the group get interviews. That doesn't sound like a lot, but if you know our industry you'll know that is impressive. When we call you it's because we know this is a great opportunity for your career, not just a good opportunity to kill a couple of hours.

Fair Value Recruiting

Our pricing isn't for everyone, so our clients are premium employers who care about the quality of people who work for them. Our clients take recruitment seriously, and if they are willing to invest in finding you, it's a good sign that they are going to be willing to invest in your career.We think about what we do, and we have developed a service with you in mind. We want you to talk about us, and we know that you will only do this if you can trust us to offer the very best for your career.