Shelves with Products


As we are all aware, manufacturing is at the core of every business that makes products to meet the ever increasing consumer demands. Organisations are continually striving to produce higher volumes of products whilst ensuring quality is not compromised and that stringent Health and Safety procedures are adhered to, in order to establish or maintain themselves as a market leader.

The Market

The Middle East is rapidly becoming the manufacturing hub of the world as it allows organisations to minimize the time from manufacturing their products to supplying these to the end consumer. The region is an exciting place to be in, a time whereby Continuous Improvement is at the forefront of every ambitious manufacturing organisation. 

Our Scope

We seek to speak with the very best professionals within the marketplace who have the ability and passion to add real value to an organisation. Here at GRG, we understand that every project is unique and therefore we tailor our approach for every assignment to consistently offer the very best service to all parties involved. Experience tells us that technical ability alone does not mean somebody is the best person for a potential opportunity. We appreciate that cultural fit is essential and therefore we have a rigorous interviewing process that ensures we can provide a quality service to all professionals we represent and, in turn, offer a quality shortlist of candidates that will meet the requirements communicated to us to the organisations we work on behalf of. We have an enviable and growing network of both local and global professionals we represent therefore if you would be interested in exploring potential opportunities within the region you are in the right place. Alternatively, if you are seeking a partnership that can effectively assist with your recruitment strategy, call our team today.