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You may have the perfect product but without getting the distribution right,
it is meaningless

Marketing Division

We understand the difference between a good marketer and a great marketer and that today, no product, service, concept or idea can be successful without marketing savvy behind it. Like you, we remember the first time we were introduced to the concept of marketing at business school and how we felt we could conquer the world with the simple, yet effective 'Marketing Mix' and today we still live by that simple model. This time we aim to help you find the dream job you had wanted all that time ago, when you learnt how cool marketing actually was.


All good marketers know that getting the product right is essential. At The Gulf Recruitment Group we make sure that you, as the Product, are presented in the best way possible. Our expert consultants will advise and prepare you pre, post and during the recruitment process, making sure that you stand out from the shelf as a premium product to our client, the consumer.


Pricing must be in line with how the customer values the product. Our exclusive client base pays a premium to work with The Gulf Recruitment Group, and do so because they trust in our judgement. This might mean that being represented by us, just might give you a window of opportunity that would be denied to you by others.


You may have the perfect product but without getting the distribution right, it is meaningless. The Gulf Recruitment Group represents many global and regional organizations across the GCC and spends time making sure we have the ear of decision makers and people who understand and appreciate a good product like we do.


Selling you is where we excel in our field. At this point of the process we have established ourselves as a trusted partner to you and an exclusive provider of expert talent to our clients, the consumer. While many firms will simply look at your job title and pick out key words in a CV, thus narrowing the field of opportunities they would consider you for, our recruitment professionals understand what you do, they understand where your skills are applicable and will be able to provide opportunities that others simply cannot. Our expert consultants use a combination of recruitment skill and regional experience to look beyond the conventional "round hole, round peg" recruitment style to make sure you, our product, land in the right basket at the right time.


The Gulf economies are growing strongly, and businesses, consumers and the marketing tool kit are becoming more and more sophisticated. Good Marketing people here are already highly valued, and the demand for highly skilled individuals will continue to grow in the future. We are committed to providing a quality, tailor made Marketing recruitment service in the region, and if you are a leading talent in your field we would like to be able to provide you with a personable service, designed to be your partner in finding the best opportunity out there for you and hopefully make that dream job a reality.