Can you sell "Ice to Eskimos"?

Most will claim they can but really, what does make a good sales person?This is one of the most frequently asked questions among sales professionals and The Gulf Recruitment Group believe they have a simple response to this… Attitude, Behaviour and Technique and most importantly, using them together.


Selling can be a high rejection business, you know it, we know it and so whether you find yourself in B2B or B2C sales, The Gulf Recruitment Group will ask you not just about your successes but how you have dealt with failures in the past and how you have learnt from these. A future employer is more likely to appreciate the full picture and this will also enable us to highlight your internal-motivation and drive and how open you are to accepting new challenges etc…. information that can't necessarily be found on a basic CV.


When we talk about behaviour we mean combining process with work ethic. The Gulf Recruitment Group always completes 5/5ths of the job maintaining that 'no stone is left unturned' when representing a sales professional in the market. If you couple this approach with our work ethic, then you have a smarter approach to recruitment, ensuring that you are consulted on every appropriate sales vacancy in the market today.


Technique has to do with the skills and tools used to turn those cold introductions into winning results and although we know the tricks of the trade in terms of generating a sale, we only ever use one, Transparency. Whether it be a candidate or client we represent, clear communication channels are a must and they also ensure that no party has any surprises throughout the process.


Whatever type of sales professional you are and whatever type of role you are looking for, you can be assured that The Gulf Recruitment Group will be best equipped to know your career and skills, and to represent it the best way possible. We will provide you with clarity and information at every stage of our relationship, to maintain that we don't just sell you a dream job but deliver on the promise made when you first made that cold call to us.