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In a region with a challenging labour market, managing the talent pool of an organisation is absolutely paramount to a company's success

"To manage people well, companies should… elevate HR to a position of power and primacy in the organization, and make sure HR people have the special qualities to help managers build leaders and careers." – Jack Welch, WinningWise words from a noted sage, and a sentiment that not many business leaders would disagree with, although how many have actually made it happen in their own organisations?As businesses in the Middle East move away from primary and hydrocarbon related industries, to service and globally orientated corporations, the fundamental difference between winning and losing, their core strength and the reason for their comparative success, nine times out of ten will be the quality of their people.

Talent Management

In a region with a challenging labour market, managing the talent pool of an organisation is absolutely paramount to a company's success. We fundamentally believe in the value of a true human resources professional; after all we regard our people as our greatest asset. We forecast that the demand for sophisticated human resources talent will be one of the biggest growth areas in the Gulf recruitment market this decade, and we have set out to be a major part of it.

Organizational Development

Our HR division has been built and led by a qualified occupational psychologist who is programmed to understand the needs of an employee, and the value of HR. The insight we are able to offer clients and candidates alike, combined with a thorough quality driven approach, ensures that we can not only respect and understand your abilities beyond business cultural norms, but be able to truly guide you as to what opportunities make sense for your career.

Comp & Bens Specialists

We are unreservedly a high quality recruiter, who's pricing structure won't work for everyone. As such the premium clients we recruit for take their talent acquisition very seriously, a good sign if you are looking for a firm that offers Human Resources professionals primacy in their organisation, and will value and reward your abilities financially.Let's be honest, as an HR professional you may well end up being our client someday. We know that the impression we leave you with when you are seeking a new job could have a lasting impact on our business forevermore. We want you to believe in our abilities, talk about us to your friends, and we have designed a process we think will encourage you to do just that.