Touchscreen Computer


The Commodity of the Future

Every two days we create as much information as we did in the entire history of time up to 2003, or so says Eric Schmidt. Seriously? Are we really saying that in just two days we create as many recorded words, images and sounds as we did in 3,000+ years of recorded history from the hieroglyphics of the Pharoahs, to the ancient academies of Abasid Baghdad, the writings of Heroditus, Shakespeare and even Walt Disney?Sages now proudly brand this post-industrial era “The Information Age” where the new titans of industry no longer sport beards, top hats and Saville Row suits, but ruddy teenage complexions, trainers and snappily captioned t-shirts. Hordes of marketeers, salesmen and CEOs demand to know more about this brave new world of bytes, ERP, data aggregation, cloud services and social integration and it is you they seek this from. Finally the much maligned nerd can emerge from the cupboard sized office under the stairs to proclaim our value and offer wisdom and support beyond “switch it off and switch it on again”!

So More Jobs, More Money, More Prestige?

So if the number of IT vacancies explodes at even 10% of the rate of the growth in data surely the humble IT professional would be more in demand than a decent plumber, paid more than London bankers and would be invited to more parties than a rock star.Well sadly not, at least not yet. The sad reality is that “I.T.” is too often seen as a cost and not an opportunity. We are recruited to fix or install something, but far too infrequently to work with the business to develop commercial opportunities as the world around us changes. It takes vision to see teenagers tapping away at their smartphones as an opportunity.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

The job market and recruitment practices for IT are unique to almost any other professional vertical. IT recruitment is designed to fill jobs quickly to do specific task for a set period of time. Our skills are more commoditised, more recycled and more expendable that almost any other sector.So how do we get those rare opportunities where we form part of a companies’ front end strategy, are at the cutting edge of technology, where we can learn, create and contribute. Hmmm, perhaps a high end executive recruiter that operates at board level, works with investors and attracts IT opportunities that form part of a commercial strategy, not just to fix something.

Solution Architects

Sometimes talking to a cheeky twenty three year old is fun. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you want to be represented by someone who understands technology, understands people, but also understands business and is capable as presenting you as a commercial solution, not just a collection of systems and letters on a job spec.Big data is one thing, but without the right platform it’s just 0s and 1s.