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Social Network yourself into your dream job


Mark Timms - Gulf News

Social Network yourself into your dream job.

The Internet has changed the world and the new millennium has given birth to social media and with it an open and vast network for all.

Most candidates and employers refer to professional networking sites as the ‘tool of all tools’ . The following is a helpful guide on the use of this tool to support your search.

•Start with connecting to the people you know best, they are most likely to help you
•Use these sites to make initial contact but convert to phone calls or meetings at the earliest opportunity
•Don’t be selfish. Return the favor if someone wants your support
•Don’t pester. The key to job success is timing
•Don’t make your profile your CV. It cries out desperation and so manage well both the content and tone

Professional Advice for job seeker and candidate hunter

•You only have a certain reach, not everyone is on this type of network
•The best candidates in the market tend to be those that are more passive in their search
•Good people recommend good people so traditional networking should also be used
•This is a public tool so don’t post any information that you don’t feel comfortable with

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