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2020 – Will your Recruitment Partner be a Robot?


Mark Timms - The Gulf Recruitment Group

Many would say that the recruitment industry today already has more than it’s fair share of robots asking the same 2D questions, no matter the role or the industry. And yes, holographic interviewing may well become a reality in the year 2020 but the key to our industry, and your perfect job is actually de-evolution.

The Employer

- Internal Recruitment teams will still exist. Company owned ‘Global’ job portals will exist for most LSE’
- Companies will build their own CV data bases and take a more proactive approach to external recruitment: The opportunity to get a balanced and holistic overview of the industry will be difficult for many job seekers
- Internal talent will be more closely monitored against external options creating a higher degree of regulated attrition: Internal talent barometer will strengthen
- The company will still require expert support on upper management and senior level roles as well as niche positions in complex geographies
- Professional networking sites will convert to ‘assessable to all’ CV databases
Confidentiality when looking for a new role will be harder to control.
- Those on a management level and below will be forced to enter the ‘automated recruitment era’. Human interaction is lost and recruitment processes become a success by numbers model

The Recruitment Partner

- Volume is replaced by value. Specialist recruitment partners are the industry norm and recruitment agencies will be forced to work with a select few within the senior space: Top 10% of talent only
- Access to all companies all the time will drop with the use of recruitment partners seen as purely a safety net solution for the more cost sensitive organisations: more roles in the market that don’t have the support of a third-party will result in a lower conversion ratio
- Search methodologies will have a stronger mix of advertising and head-hunting with regional barriers falling and global talent becoming more accessible: Introducing greater competition at a senior level
- The product will change: For 30 years the recruitment industry has not evolved from a simple CV. Companies will demand greater access to technology and diagnostic tools. Job seekers will need to be prepared to invest more time into the early stages of a job search

2020 vision: The Gulf Recruitment Group introduces the regions first Holographic interviewing process

Knowing what the future will hold for tomorrow’s job seeker is a key goal at The Gulf Recruitment Group. As knowledge will drive the change to better support both our clients and those job seekers who seek our support and guidance. For more information on this article or to share your own comments on this piece, please contact:

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