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Job Hunting on the Move


Jim Godsal - The National

It seems that the serious business of job hunting is no longer confined to sneaky lunch break searches at your work desktop or long evenings in front of the home PC. Executives searching for jobs are doing so more and more from handheld devices.

According to statistics from the Gulf Recruitment Group four times more job seekers are logging on to their site through handheld devices this year compared to the same period last year. The numbers, still just one in thirty, are low but represent a trend reflected across markets in web behavior.

Jim Godsal, Senior Consultant Digital & Creative at the Gulf Recruitment Group explains “Mobile apps and content are key elements for any company looking to bolster its profile and reach its audience

People are moving away from PCs, laptops and netbooks as their primary internet touch point, instead accessing the web on smart phones and tablets whenever and wherever they like.”

Market share in activity attributed to Apple’s handheld devices appears to have increased despite new competition from Android Nokia and Blackberry devices. Apple leads the field with 71% of handheld activity in 2011, up from 54% in the same period last year largely due to the success of the IPad.

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