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Data Protection - an absolute necessity


Mark Timms - Gulf News

Restrict the information you provide on the professional networking sites.

Recruitment consultancies routinely collect professional and personal data from applicants. If your details are in the open market, then most recruitment consultants will know about you, even if you don't know them. This can be great with the right consultants, but don't discount those who do not follow ethical processes and rules.

Ask yourself: have you ever been contacted by a recruitment consultant who has an interview for you even though you have never spoken with them previously? How did they get your details?

Professional networking sites and CV portals which are accessible to registered users, including you, need not have access to all your data. Unless you restrict the information you provide, your identity and your employment history, even the frequency of your search is there for all to see. Keep in mind that it doesn't take a computer genius to pull out that information and use it without your knowledge.

The real problem for the job seeker is that data protection rules don't really exist in this region, and the only person truly responsible for the accessibility of your information is you

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