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Reasons behind Candidate Rejection


Mark Timms - Gulf News

As a recruiter you are privy to some pretty tantalizing information on candidates and clients alike and although we have a responsibility to all that engage with the Gulf Recruitment Group, the following are a taste of some of the interesting candidate rejections we have received as seasoned recruiters across the region.

Top 5 most common rejections

5. The candidate hadn’t prepared for the interview and it was obvious
4. Too good for the role and so possible retention problems
3. Wrong team and cultural fit
2. Just didn’t like them
1. Great on paper but not in person

Top 5 most obscure rejections
5.The female HR Manager felt uneasy as the candidate failed to “keep eye contact with her”
4.Took a mobile phone call half way through the interview while motioning to the interviewer to remain quiet with a finger pressed against his lips
3. When asked why interested in the company, the banker replied “Goldman Sachs wouldn’t hire me”
2. When asked his reason for leaving, the candidate noted that he found working with too many females emotionally draining. The Female HR Director brought the interview to a swift conclusion
1. When asked on how they would increase the capacity of their team, the candidate noted they would “ride them like a horse” motioning as if on an actual horse. This of course wasn’t the culture this employer was trying to foster Funny but true

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