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Selecting the right recruitment partner


Mark Timms - Gulf News

The ideal tie-up provides the best match between client and candidate.
Recruitment partnership has evolved as a vibrant, fresh and reliable service for recruitment and selection. Here's what to look out for when you head into the market.

- Look for a consultancy with recruiters from your industry. They will deliver with integrity and validate your application.
- Meet with your consultant. If they say no, you should too.
- Get a consultant who will work to your personal timeline. Process and
open communication are key.
- A good consultant will be proactive.
- Less is more. A consultant working 50 positions is not a good thing.
It means less time for you.
- Are you a specialist in your field? If so, why would you want to work
with a 'generalist' recruiter.
- Structure is key. Work with a consultant who knows you and their
clients firsthand. It is no one else's responsibility but your own to
manage the integrity of your candidature.
- Select one, at most, two recruitment partners, to support your search.
- Keep a record of where your CV goes. Duplication of application is
very embarrassing and damaging.
- Test your recruitment partner's knowledge of your chose profession.

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